Casio SGW500H-1BV Twin Sensor Ana-Digi Sport Watcher for men.

Casio SGW500H-1BV Twin Sensor Black resin band analog and digital watch.

Casio SGW500H-1BV Twin Sensor

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New Twin Sensor Casio SGW500H-1BV Good feature tough watch.

Casio SGW500H-1BV is new twin sensor model from Casio that it has a function that covers all the needs of the buyer. This watch is sturdy design from Hardside/ABS Plastic and resin material, which has advantages in terms of light weight.

The resin band for some people may feel that it is cheap. It was a concern to me before you buy. But when I decided to buy it now, it exceeded expectations because it does not cause a sweat or itching. Sometimes I forgot that it was worn.

Casio claim the Casio SGW500H-1BV has accuracy +/- 30 seconds per month; for me, it’s no problem for use. The first impression is good design and then the function. It is easy to use, to read and setting time. Press the buttons easily.

For Twin Sensor; I’m quite impressed with it. It is quite precise and easy to use. 100M Water Resistant which sufficient for use in daily, do not remove it while swimming. It is inexpensive watches, and brilliant features, it’s worth it or I have to say that Best utility watch for the money.

Casio SGW500H-1BV lume

Casio SGW500H-1BV Function.

-100M Water Resistant
-Digital Compass
-Bidirectional calibration
-Magnetic declination correction
-Sunrise/Sunset Data
-Displays sunrise time and sunset time
-Moon Age Data (Moon age at noon)
-LED Backlight with Afterglow
-World Time 31 times zones (48 cities), city code display, daylight saving on/off, city data (48 cities + user setting based on time differential)
-5 Daily Alarms
-Countdown Timer
-1/100 second stopwatch
-Hourly Time Signal
-Full Auto Calendar (pre-programmed until the year 2099)
-12/24 Hour Format
-Button operation tone on/off
-Accuracy: +/- 30 seconds per month
-Storage Battery SR927W x 2
-Approx. battery life: 2 years
-Module 5269
-Size of case/total weight
-SGW500 49.6 x 46.8 x 13.6mm / 51g
-SGW500HD 49.6 x 46.8 x 13.6mm / 113g

• Good design and good looking on your wrist.
• Light weight and tough.
• Twin Sensor (Compass and Thermometer)
• Sunrise/Sunset Data
• Great for adventure.
• Great value for money
• Not Solar power.

Casio SGW500H-1BV review

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Casio SGW500H-1BV conclusion.

Overall; the Casio SGW500H-1BV, it is a watch that offers great value, durability, and it works great. It lacks only solar power, which is a pity. But for my opinion, no watches priced under $ 50 and qualifying solar power. And if we want to have solar power, we have to pay more for function Twin Sensor. Marketing reasons buyers need to consider seriously.
If you are interested in solar power, and that function comes with Casio SGW500H-1BV it’s best for you. It robustness in all environments, and is available daily. This was enough for you to buy it.

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