Seiko SKX173 Automatic Dive Watch

Seiko SKX173 Good Quality Dive Watch

Seiko Men's SKX173 Automatic Dive Urethane Strap Watch


Casio Men's GW7900B-1 G-Shock 4 stars rating Men Watches Shop Rating

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Seiko SKX173 are great scuba diving watches for men

Seiko SKX173 watch is best diving watch for me because I like the design , the size, case quality, as well as accuracy was brutally. It is a good, affordable diver as well as a nice introduction to Seiko autos.

There are many questions about how to choose between the Seiko Men’s SKX007K and an SKX173. Sure, some people might be confused. Friend, I just say that the only difference could be the dial and seconds hand and also the kind of lumibrite used. Otherwise they’re a similar in every way.

The color of lumibrite used on the American market Seiko SKX173, 175, A35 all work with a yellow lumibrite much like Superluminova C3.

All Seiko lume is a great one but but I have found just as C3 the yellow lumibrite is brighter and longer lasting. In the same manner, The foreign Market Seiko Divers such as SKX007,009 utilize a white lumibrite just like C1 Superluminova.

Also the band that was included with the wrist watch appears to be an incredibly durable band and may last for a long time, it’s a top quality watch band.

An automatic watch will not be as accurate like a quartz. These watches (with all the Seiko 7S26 caliber movement) usually gain or lose around 15 seconds every day an average of.

In case you desire improved accuracy,you might have the quartz movement. But, when you be prepared to set time and not have to re-set it for a long time, then a mechanical watch isn’t for you.An analog Rolex usually won’t be as accurate as a Casio quartz on a monthly basis. Here is the truth about automatic watches.

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Seiko SKX173 good Lume


Seiko SKX173 are great scuba diving watches for men

Seiko SKX173 Dive watch Specification.

  • Automatic movement; functions without a battery; powers automatically with the movement of your arm
  • Strong Hardlex crystal protects dial from scratches
  • Stainless-steel case; black dial; day-and-date functions
  • Water resistant up to 660 feet (200 M)

Seiko SKX173 Dive watch Specification

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Overall:  the Seiko SKX173, even though the movement is made in Malaysia instead of Japan- Thus far so good.Seiko has factories in lots of countries, and they all have similar excellent control standards. There have been no proven quality differences between a Seiko that’s manufactured in Japan, then one that’s manufactured in Malaysia or Singapore.

This Seiko SKX173 Dive Watch is good quality stainless steel and rubber watch band. It keeps perfect time and includes a very bright luminous display for telling time during the night, or in the dark. Strongly recommended to anybody searching for a replacement Automatic dive watch.

Seiko Men's SKX173 Automatic Diving Watches for men.






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