Seiko SGG711 Bold Black Dial Titanium Watch

Review: Seiko SGG711 Titanium Watch for men

Seiko SGG711

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Introduction to Seiko SGG711 Titanium

This Seiko SGG711,It was my husband’s birthday last week and I was so confused about what should I gift him, on his birthday. He is quite crazy about watches, so I looked at his collection; I searched a lot many sites to find out something unique but almost every site had some or the other design that were reasonable but my husband had similar looking watches.

Then finally I landed up on and I found this Seiko SGG711 watch. I was happy that finally I got something unique from the collection he was already having. I gave the order for the watch. The watch was the same as it was told in the description and I was so happy because at least this watch was unique and later I found that this watch has unique function, which his other watches do not have. I was so happy to see that he got surprised when I gifted him this watch. He never expected that I would find a unique and better watch for him and make his collection complete.

General information of the watch by Seiko

  • The watch is crafted in durable titanium that helps the watch to stay away from scratches.
  • The watch features classic simplicity and features bold black dial that looks awesome.
  • The best part is the watch has analog display with quartz moment.
  • In order to protect the dialer of the watch, it is made of hard lax mineral crystal.
  • It has the capacity to resist water up to 165 feet so is suitable for showering as well as swimming.
  • Case diameter:37 millimeters good for every wrist.

 Seiko SGG711 review

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What is so great about Seiko SGG711 Men’s Watch?

It is the first quartz wristwatch with elegant look suitable for all sophisticated men. You will find the film stars wearing the watch in all the events. If you are passionate about watches, you should definitely look forward to this watch too. Another features of the watch is its water resistant capacity, you can wear the watch on heavy rainy days too.

A few not so good bits about Seiko SGG711

 This watch is a perfect fit for sophisticated man. As per my personal experience, the watch is perfect; the only thing that you need to be careful with the watch is that it is not good for rough use. You can enjoy wearing the watch for all formal occasions. It gives you luxurious look and feel. There is no problem with the functioning of the watch.

What customers have to say about Seiko Titanium Men’s Watch?

This watch by Seiko is a passionate choice for all the men who love collecting watches. With its unique design, it has captured hearts of lot of men. Many people believe if you want to gift someone a watch with unique features on weddings or birthday this is the perfect choice. Seiko SGG711 offers you good and unique features at reasonable prices and you can check them on, if you do not find the watches in the local stores as they have rare pieces of the watches.

Seiko Men's SGG711

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