Review Citizen AT8030-00E Eco-Drive Limited Edition Atomic timekeeping Sapphire crystal watch

Review Citizen AT8030-00E Eco-Drive Limited Edition World Chronograph A-T.

Citizen Men's AT8030-00E

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Citizen AT8030-00E Eco-Drive is the unlimited edition watch on your hands 

The Citizen Men’s AT8030-00E Eco-Drive watch brags a dark calfskin crocodile strap with a dark dial under a hostile to reflective-sapphire gem. It additionally offers planet time, radio control and an interminable calendar capacities on the dial.

This Citizen AT8030-00E Eco-Drive Big Date, Sub Second, Retrograde twenty-four hour Time, and additionally Dual Time Dial affix a tanned stow away tag with buckle. Embrace a free character which accompanies an eco-friendly citizen watch. Imaging never conveys to be worried about winding a watch or creation certain it has a natural electrical storage device. The undiluted tasteless watch which recurrence requires your consideration, wearing an Eco-Drive permits to turn your affability to some-more basic things in life.

Specification of Citizen AT8030-00E Eco-Drive Limited Edition

  • This is a nuclear clock that keeps the time in five diverse time zones. These zones incorporate: UK, North America, Europe, China and Japan. You will get immediate time in twenty six urban communities.
  • The chronograph measures is one twentieth and up to sixty minutes
  • Twelve and Twenty Four Hour display of time
  • Indicator to show battery status
  • Resistance of water id up to two hundred meters
  • A new style of band- Instead of needing to manage to get the little metal piece in the opening. Native has an improved approach to put a watch on that is simple.

The time continuing this watch is astonishing. Each night at 2 AM the watch will adjust the time/date/day. Provided that you need to do it yourself then that is conceivable. One thing about the adjustment is that it looks super cool. So if you’re up that late, possibly examine your watch.

Specification of Citizen Men's AT8030-00E Eco-Drive

The Feel

This watch feels astounding. At whatever time you need to spruce up for something excellent, the Citizen AT8030-00E Eco-Drive is the thing that people think about first. Does it feel amazon as well as individuals dependably have excellent things to say in regards to the watch? You have the certainty starting a new business gatherings knowing my watch is one of the nicest in the room.


This outwardly captivating red and dark timepiece made by Citizen Watch Company is a Limited Edition World Chronograph A-T. The nuclear timekeeping abilities are sufficient to win over the heart of any watch fan: You will dependably have the right time. Shockingly better, notwithstanding, is the limit for this watch to change time zones immediately as you travel.

Nobody likes to change their watch here and there and then here again to stay informed regarding the time, and now you won’t need to. A silver stainless steel case outlines the dark, silver, and red face of the watch. The whole look is pulled together with the expansion of the dark Polyurethane strap that additionally has red and white stitching.

 Citizen Men's AT8030-00E Eco-Drive good watch

Citizen AT8030-00E Eco-Drive with tire tread style band.

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The Conclusion

The Citizen AT8030-00E Eco-Drive is the limited edition looks, feels, works amazingly. People truly don’t have any grievances about the Citizen Men’s AT8030-00E Eco-Drive Watch. Assuming that you are in the business sector for another watch then your inquiry is over. One additionally thing Citizen has just made three thousands of these Eco drive watches.

Proud of my Citizen AT8030-00E Eco-Drive.


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