Review Citizen Eco-Drive AT8013-17E Limited Edition Perpetual Calendar Chronograph watches for men

Citizen Eco-Drive AT8013-17E Atomic Timekeeping Perpetual Calendar men’s watch

Citizen Eco-Drive AT8013-17E is a great watch

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Limited edition Citizen Eco-Drive AT8013-17E Chronograph A-T Watch

When talking about Citizen Eco-Drive AT8013-17E is a great watch, which is in limited edition. You can buy this watch online; also you can get many benefits like free shipping charge and various offers on credit cards. It has got some specific feature for the customer. So the customer feels it very much interesting to buy it.  Here we will discuss below about the watch, its features, specifications and many more.

About the Watch

The physical appearance of the watch is stunning contain a case which is a rose gold tone and is a stainless steel one. The face of the watch is black, sunburst pattern, scalloped textured and in sunlight it shimmers. The semi-skeletized minute and hour are toned with gold and luminescent, for which it can be read at night. Talking about the dials and face hands are reminiscent and are of aircraft instrumentation. It has got an hour indicator which is gold tone. The watchis aesthetically pleasing and captivating to look at. It has got a diameter of around 43 millimeters which is a contrasting, gold tone and the crystal is anti- reflective sapphire. It contains the brand material of crocodile leather.

The length of the band is just made like that of men’s standard, containing a width of around 23 millimeters. The leather is supple, soft and comfortable one. So the user while buying it feels very much comfortable on wearing it. This Citizen Eco-Drive AT8013-17E has got the most comfortable leather. The clasp is the deployment one with a push button, which releases butterfly deployment clasp containing the eco-drive laser. This laser is being engraved into the tone that is rose gold.

Citizen Eco-Drive AT8013-17E watch

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Features of the Citizen Eco-Drive AT8013-17E Watch

Citizen Eco-Drive AT8013-17E has got many cool features like the atomic clock. The feature of it is that the clock has got an antenna which is inbuilt, having frequencies which are pre-programmed. Talking about the synchronization, it does that automatically from the atomic clock at every morning, 2.00 am, which includes date, time and day. In case the synchronization fails at 2.00, the watch will automatically retry itself at 3:00 am.

If you want to synchronize this atomic clock manually, it can be done because the watch detects the radio signals itself. You should not confuse it with GPS because the watch does not have it. It is the only radio controlled. It can automatically adjust itself to any time zone you are in, so it needs to be set to the closest pre programmed world city around your geographical time zone. This is when Citizen Eco-Drive AT8013-17E will synchronize itself with the atomic clock, the coordinated Universal Time. It will update itself to various things like the leap year, year, date, time etc.


The above are the various reasons why one should buy Citizen Eco-Drive AT8013-17E because it contains so many special features that one wants in their watch. This watch has got a very good, stylish and undefined looks for its customer. So just hurry and get it because this model is of limited edition.       

Citizen Eco-Drive AT8013-17E

Citizen Eco-Drive AT8013-17E


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