Review: Citizen CAO295-58E Eco-Drive Nighthawk PVD Watch

Citizen CAO295-58E Eco-Drive Nighthawk unique man’s watch.




Citizen CAO295-58E Eco Drive

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Introduction to Citizen CAO295-58E Eco- drive Watch

I am fond of collecting watches, as I prefer to have a new watch matching with my outfits. Usually, on my birthday, I gift myself a watch and I am doing this since I was fifteen years old and now I am thirty years old. On this birthday, I got this one for myself and I cannot tell you how lovely this Citizen CAO295-58E watch is, and the features are just awesome. I usually wear this watch with my entire outfit. This watch gives me quite stunning look and I love this watch a lot.

When it comes to design and style with tremendous features, I would prefer to have a look at this watch, as it is definitely one of the best pieces of watches from citizen.

General Information about Citizen CAO295-58E Eco- drive watch

  • This watch does not require much of maintenance and is good for daily wear.
  • For novices and professionals it has a feature of nighthawk flight watch.
  • Not only the design of the watch is remarkable but it also has unique functions.
  • It has a screw bar case.
  • Its body is made of black plated stainless steel.
  • Water resistant to 660 feet (200 M): suitable for recreational scuba diving
  • Citizen 5-year warranty
  • Case diameter 42 millimeters

Citizen CAO295-58E


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What makes the Citizen CAO295-58E so great?

According to me, everything in the watch makes it look so great that almost 70% people are buying this watch. Another reason for getting the watch is that it works for longer period; suits well with all outfits and are water resistant. I think this is the only model that I have ever got with so many unique features, and I am sure you too will love this watch when you buy one.

A few not so good bits about the citizen eco-drive watch

I still have not been able to find any kind of flaws in the watch; it is perfect combination of functions and design. This model can be used for both casual and formal dressing and it has the capacity to face any kind of weather. Unlike other watches, it will not stop in case of extreme cold or due to any other problems. For some, the only problem would be the color of the watch, as very few people prefer to buy black colored watch.

What customers have to say about the watch by Citizen Brand?

The customers who have been using this Citizen CAO295-58E watch say that they are happy that they do not have to worry about changing the batteries of the watch as it works well for a long period. Eco-drive functionality of the watch makes it most popular watch among the available watches. Many customers say that when they wear the watch to work  they get compliments for the watch. In addition, everyone asks about the watch.

If you own this watch, then I must tell you that you are hardly going to face any kind of issues with this watch. Some customers feel surprised that this watch has all the functions that one looks for but usually such pieces are costly but this Citizen CAO295-58E watch contains all the features at an amazing price.


Citizen Men’s CAO295-58E

Citizen CAO295-58E


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