Review Casio PRG-270-1 Protrek Triple Sensor Multi-Function Digital Sport Watch

Introduction to Casio PRG-270-1


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General information about Casio PRG-270-1 watch

My son is an athlete and he demanded for a watch where he could set a timer while running. Usually, the watches I got for him failed in measuring the time for his running.  So my friend Kasha suggested me to go for this one. I thought of trying it, as its price was quite affordable. I got this Casio PRG-270-1 watch for my son, he has been using it to measure his performance since one month, and he says that it is giving him the correct measurement of time while he is running. I am so happy that finally my son got what he wanted and now he can focus more on his performance while running, rather than on the watch to check whether it is working or not.

I am so happy that I got this watch at an amazing price and this watch is really worth it. The design of the Casio watch is marvelous and it has sporty look and is good for wearing in rough condition.

  • Casio watches are especially for those into sports and it is quite good choice of watch for runners.
  • Casio watch has digital display, include solar power
  • It shows you time, with day and date, as well as you can set timers in it as it works as stop watch.
  •  Casio watch contains protective mineral crystal dialer window, one of the most amazing feature of the watch.
  • Watch is water-resistant so one can use it for swimming as well as snorkeling.
  •  It comes with one-year warranty but I am sure that it can work well for almost two to three years.

A few not so good bits about the Casio watch

This Casio PRG-270-1 watch contains all the functions that a sportsperson might need, and therefore, it is known as one of the accessories in sports items. It looks good on players as well; therefore, if you are working  in an MNC it will not look good on you. We can say that it is just meant for sports professionals only. Like my son if you have someone in your house who loves sports like swimming and running you can gift them this watch.

Yes, when it comes to casual wear this watch is quite good choice as it give you sporty look. In addition, when you are in jungle you can find out the directions using this watch as well as know the days and time with date. The only problem is that divers cannot use this Casio PRG-270-1 watch for diving but swimmers can.

What is so great about this Casio PRG-270-1 Watch?

The water resistant capacity of the watch is great in this watch. It has marvelous features that you get in reasonable price.

Casio PRG-270-1 PROTrek

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What customers have to say about Casio Watch?

 The users of the watch are mostly athletes, trekkers, and swimmers and they believe that the watch is very helpful in finding out the correct direction as well as to find out the correct time that one takes while running. The function of the Casio PRG-270-1 watch give accurate information and that is why the Casio watches are demanded more in this field.




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