Review Casio SGW500H-2BV Twin Sensor Multi-Function Sport Watch

New Casio SGW500H-2BV Twin Sensor Sunrise & Sunset Black Resin Watch

Casio Men's SGW500H-2BV watch

Casio Men's GW7900B-1 G-Shock 4 stars rating Men Watches Shop Rating

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A complete review and scrutiny of an awesome timepiece: Casio SGW500H-2BV

The Casio SGW500H-2BV is really an extraordinary watch consisting of all of the features that make it highly essential and also popular among all of the Casio fan boys. When you need a watch that can completely outperform any other watches in its category and also has a very nice and subtle approach towards a simplistic price, then this is it.

When you need the rough and tough features in your watch and wish to use it in any sort of background and also any sort of place that you prefer, and then the Casio G-Shock is always the premium answer.

The various features of the Casio SGW500H-2BV

Being a high grade watch with many various facilities and perks that constantly complement its rough and durable build and nature, the features are really quite bombastic:-

  • This watch has a water resistance capability of about 100 meters that is really quite more than almost all of the other watches that are found.
  • A resin band and the availability of an LED backlight source make it tally with some of the most premium watches in the market.
  • You can also configure the illumination and the backlighting times with the selectable illumination duration.
  • The Casio SGW500H-2BV also offers quite an insight into the world time scenarios with about 31 various time zones being recorded and also scrolling city name display. Like any other modern timepiece it also has an option for daylight savings as well.
  • The digital compass is another great reason to get hold of this watch as it provides one with awesome sunlight and sunset times and also indication of north direction as well.
  • The direction is actually displayed in the format as if of one of 16 various points and also at the same time it serves to provide you with Azimuth.
  • The measuring range that has been supplied with this watch is about 0 degrees to about 359 degrees.
  • The watch comes with superior features like that of bidirectional calibration and also at the same time magnetic declination procedures.
  • The thermometer display range is also quite diverse and huge in range.

Casio SGW500H-2BV Twin Sensor watch

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There are many various pros of this Casio SGW500H-2BV, each better than the other. First of all, like all Casio G-shock watches, this watch is quite sturdy, immensely durable and built for traversing through tough terrains.

The fitting on the wrist is also quite well and at the same time it never feels at all like wearing something bulky on your hand. There is no indicator that provides with a complete graphic description of the complete moon.


The cons of this Casio SGW500H-2BV watch are quite few but people will surely have the tendency to notice them after spending the big bucks. The band of the watch on first feel will look like it’s quite lightweight and also quite flimsy in nature at the same time.

The highly anticipated resin glass is nothing quite more than light plastic which may be a major turn off for people looking for a sturdy wrist device.

review Casio Men's SGW500H-2BV watch

Size of case/total weight

  • SGW500 49.6 x 46.8 x 13.6mm / 51g
  • SGW500HD 49.6 x 46.8 x 13.6mm / 113g

Casio Men's SGW500H-2BV Twin Sensor watch

Casio SGW500H-2BV best budget watch


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