Review Casio G-Shock GA400GB-1A new design Shock Resistant Men’s Watches.

New Collection Casio G-Shock GA400GB-1A Cool smart watch ideal for all occasions.

Casio G-Shock GA400GB-1A review

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G-Shock Japan has introduced a series of smart watches known as the GA- 400 SERIES. Casio G-Shock GA400GB-1A has the basic G-Shock design is combined with gold to create a fashion motif. These watches are in bold and cool designs and comes in black/ grey with gold colour. It also consists of large rotary switch which is used for operation which is intuitive. Watches under this series are widely popular and is sold in various outlets and online shopping sites.

Technical features of Casio G-Shock GA400GB-1A

The following are the features of this product:
• This watch is shock resistant and magnetic resistant.
• It has mineral glass.
• It is up to 200 meter water resistant.
• It has LED light which is super illuminator.
• It has a selectable duration for illumination.
• Shows world time of at least 31 time zones and has the option of daylight saving which you can switch on and off accordingly.
• If your device battery is low then this watch has the feature of informing you of low battery.
• It has the feature of auto calendar
• The approximate lifetime of the battery is 3 years.

New Casio G-Shock GA400GB-1A

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The advantages of Casio G-Shock GA400GB-1A

The following are the advantages of Casio G-Shock GA400GB-1A:
• It is an imported watch.
• It is a shock, magnetic, and water resistant up to 200 meters.
• It shows world time of 31 zones.
• It has the features of 5 daily alarms.
• It has the feature of giving a warning of low battery.
• Its battery life is of 3 years.
• It has a feature of countdown timer.
• It has the feature of selecting illumination duration.

Casio G-Shock GA400GB-1A illuminator

The disadvantage of the watch
The only drawback of this watch is the lightning which is just a minor problem and can be ignored. The level of brightness depends upon the user so if a particular customer complains about the brightness then this doesn’t mean you will also have the same issue. The varied features and the level of resistance from various things make this watch an ideal choice. A minor issue doesn’t make any difference while using this product.

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Bold designs and modern features
Casio G-Shock GA400GB-1A is a product of Casio G Shock series and can be described as smart choice. It has all the features of a smart watch and is liked by men of all age group. It is durable and its battery life stretches up to 3 years. It is not only used for conventional purposes but is also used for setting up your alarms and for marking important dates. It is a water proof watch and you can use it even in extreme natural conditions. This watch is a new age device which helps you to keep in touch with the upcoming trends and fashion. So this is highly recommended if you are really looking for new features and designs.

Casio G-Shock GA400GB-1A new G-shock design


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