Review Casio G-SHOCK GA150-1A Shock resistant very good looking watch

Review Casio G-SHOCK GA150-1A Shock& Magnetic Resistant men’s watch

Review Casio G-SHOCK GA150-1A

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Casio G-SHOCK GA150-1A; The most astounding watch on your hands

G-Shock is a mainstream watch fabricated by Casio, broadly known for its solidness and stun safety. Furnished with influential characteristics and cutting edge development, G-Shock watches were fundamentally intended for games, military and outside endeavors.

G-Shock is a brand of watches handled by Casio, affirmed for its imperviousness to stuns (e.g. truly difficult times and solid vibrations). They might be planned mostly for games, military, and outside undertaking turned movement; essentially all G-Shocks have a stopwatch, water safety and light.


Assuming that you are you searching for a notable and eye-getting timepiece within budget, Casio G-SHOCK GA150-1A most ideal for you. It arrives in a striking synthesis of metallic orange case, strap and dial accentuated with dark markers. This Casio watch is tough and dependable since it is stun, attractive and water safe. It likewise characteristics an auto LED light with luminosity, planet time settings in 48 urban communities, sunlight sparing on/off and home city/world time swapping. With its cool and solid casing, the Casio G-SHOCK GA150-1A can supplement your different style and design.

The remarkable 3-D outline of these watches makes the presence as though they’ve been etched out of stone, making a look of sturdiness. The hollow dials gives a threatening shadow over their dials and joined together a matte complete case.

Casio G-SHOCK GA-150

Specifications of the Casio G-SHOCK GA150-1A

  • Resistant to shock
  • Water resistant of 200m
  • Resistant to magnetic
  • Afterglow with auto LED Light
  • World Clock time
  • Twenty nine times zones (48 urban communities plus UTC), Time swapping of home city, sunshine sparing off/on.
  • One snooze alarm with four day alarm
  • Time Signal in hourly basis
  • 1/1000 Second Stopwatch
  • measuring limit: 99:59’59.999″
  • countdown Timer
  • measuring unit: 1 second
  • countdown range: 24 hours
  • countdown begin time setting run: 1 moment to 24 hours (1-moment augmentations and 1-hour additions)
  • other: Auto-rehash
  • full auto-timetable (prearranged until the year 2099)
  • 12/24 Hour Formats
  • accuracy: +/- 15 seconds for every month
  • battery: Cr1220
  • approx. electric storage device life: 3 years
  • module 5255
  • size of case/total weight: Ga150 55.1 x 52.2 x 16.6mm / 71g, Ga150a 55.1 x 52.2 x 16.6mm / 71g

Casio G-SHOCK GA150-1A Shock resistant


Searching for something a spot sportier? The Casio G-SHOCK GA150-1A Digital Dial Rubber Strap watch is an incredible decision. This computerized watch is ideal for the up to date man – all your comforts might be discovered in one place! This watch offers a round elastic case with stainless steel packaging on the back, and brags an up-to-date dark and purple plan that makes a charming tasteful.

The computerized dial is controlled by quartz development and actualizes a mixture of characteristics to make your existence simple and keep you composed. For instance, the dial comes finish with an elevation inclination diagram, height change marker, and a barometric weight differential realistic – so you’ll generally know where you are and what the climate is like.

This watch is an extraordinary decision for individuals who travel a ton, or the individuals who invest a considerable measure of time outside. Tough yet snazzy and full of suitable data, this watch might be an extraordinary blessing for a pilot, explorer, or any individual who likes the data is holds.

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Bottom Line

Casio has a pack of extraordinary watches, just for within your budget, that make incredible, year-adjust blessings for men, ladies, young men and young ladies indistinguishable. If you like casio’s you’ll like this one; Casio G-SHOCK GA150-1A.



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