Review Casio g-shock GA110RG-7A Shock resistant Magnetic resistance White men’s watch

Casio g-shock GA110RG-7A Shock resistant best budget white g-shock for men

Review Casio g-shock GA110RG-7A Shock resistant

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Casio g-shock GA110RG-7A: A highly feature-rich watch with immense toughness and durability

The Casio g-shock GA110RG-7A is undoubtedly one of the best edition watches from the G-Shock brand. It really has everything that is needed and also quite much more. The watch has the presence of all that is required and along with that quite much more. The white color and design of this watch has made it highly appealing to the crowd you wish to own a dazzling watch on their hands. On top of this, the watch comes with style as well as complete build and performance. With a watch of this caliber and style there are many people who wish to own it.

A complete overview of Casio g-shock GA110RG-7A 

The key features of this watch are as follows:-

  • The Casio g-shock GA110RG-7Acomes with a complete shock and also magnetic resistant approach. Due to this the process of complete usage and safety is always guaranteed. The automatic LED design and lighting of this watch is also quite preferred as well as valued.
  • This watch comes with the equipped facility of a Flash alert and is also quite capable of delivering the world time with no problems or hiccups at all.
  • The stopwatch is capable of recording times as minute as 1/1000th which makes it damn near accurate and highly responsive as well.
  • The presence of a countdown timer as well as a mute function is really well served.
  • The water resistance capability of this watch is 200 meters which is quite higher than the permissible diving depth of most professional divers. The use of complete well designed approaches makes it quite great.

Casio g-shock GA110RG-7A  white g-shock

Complete features and specifications

The dial window material type used in this Casio g-shock GA110RG-7A is quite responsive and made up of mineral material. The display type is both analog as well as digital ensuring the maximum accuracy as well as complete performance. The use of a buckle clasp and also complete resin band material serves the function of proper durability of the watch.

It has a 50mm case diameter and also a case thickness of about 17mm. The band width of this watch is about 16mm which makes it quite easy wearable without making it too bulky. The special features that can be noted in this watch are the availability of a chronograph, the presence of light, luminous display and also completely shock resistant.

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For new and recent G-shock users, this Casio g-shock GA110RG-7A may really appear to be highly bulky and also on the heavier side. With the passage of time and continuous usage, one can really become habituated with its size. Therefore, all over this is quite an immensely sporty as well as a classy design in a complete single approach.


There is a complete second hand counter but the total second hands bar counter is made in such a way that one has to really look at in extreme detail and also attention. The overall way in which it has been presented is seen to be difficult to read but at the same time it is not that difficult to decipher.

Casio g-shock GA110RG-7A

Casio g-shock GA110RG-7A


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