Review Casio G-Shock GA110HT-1A Heathered Black Magnetic Shock Resistant

New design for teens; Casio G-Shock GA110HT-1A heather pattern  street fashion.

Casio G-Shock GA110HT-1A review

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Casio G- Shock GA110HT-1A: A Classic yet conventional watch are new age smart watches and its range has varied features according to new age and technologies. Casio G-Shock GA110HT-1A is the latest addition to this series whose are designed according to sweat material of clothing. The total body of this device is made up of pattern which is made up of material which interwoven in mixed yarns of colors. This material is an important street fashion and is mainly used in sweat clothing and parkas.

Technical features of the Casio G-Shock GA110HT-1A watch.

The following are the technical features of the watch:
• The upper glass is made up of 1SO764 mineral glass.
• It can combat magnet, shock and water till 200 meters.
• The case and the band of the watch are made up of resin material with the width of 1.1 millimetres.
• The shape of this model of watch is round.
• The diameter of the box of this device is 5.10 centimetres and its thickness is 16 centimetres.
• It has LED lightning.
• It includes features like automatic light switch and selectable brightness levels and afterglow.
• It portrays 29 time zones which includes 48 cities.
• It has a feature of 1/1000 second of stop watch.
• The features involve a countdown timer.
• Automatic calendar.
• The option of analog and digital time display.
• 2 years of battery life.
• The total weight of this device is 72 grams.


advantages of Casio G-Shock GA110HT-1A

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The advantages of Casio G-Shock GA110HT-1A watch

The following are the advantages of this watch:
• The new age smart watch is patterned after clothing fabric which combats sweat.
• It has a mineral glass which makes it resistant from all kinds of natural as well as from magnetic and shock.
• Its battery life can extend up to 2 years.
• It shows the time schedule of at least 48 cities.
• It has an option of selective light switch and brightness levels.
• It has automatic calendar and a stop watch facility.

The disadvantage of Casio G-Shock GA110HT-1A watch.

The watches which come under the G-Shock series are made using innovative and modern techniques. It has varied features and there is a minor problem which the customers are facing which is the brightness level of the backlight. For some users the display on the watch is not visible in indoor but the lightning is good in sunlight. The levels of brightness depend upon the viewer and in this watch you can adjust the brightness level. The LED lightning is a modern day feature which is present in most of the smart watches including this device.


Casio G-Shock GA110HT-1A good looking watch

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Casio G-Shock GA110HT-1A Overall.

Casio G-Shock GA110HT-1A watch is made up of material which is known as high street fashion and has all the necessity features which you need. So one such minor problem can be ignored and this product can be your ideal choice.
A watch which is an important street fashion accessory.
Casio G-Shock GA110HT-1A is a classy yet conventional style of watch which is a must have item for men. This device is well equipped with important features which will combat all kinds of difficult situations. So if you looking for an item which is fashionable yet have all the basic and important features then choose this model of Casio G-Shock series.


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