Review Casio g-shock GA-110RG- 1A Best X-Large g-shock analog/digital sport watch

Casio g-shock GA-110RG- 1A Magnetic Resistant and Shock Resistant men’s watch

Casio g-shock GA-110RG- 1A Sport watches for men

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The sturdy nature and awesome finesse of the Casio g-shock GA-110RG- 1A

 The Casio g-shock GA-110RG- 1A is a watch that is mainly known for its really great sort of display along with the fact that it comes with the complete approach of a well design and also a great color. It is due to this reason that people really prefer wearing this watch as for the reason that it has all that is required and also provided with a really awesome display.

The color of the dials and the rims are such that it highly complements the matte black or metallic color scheme that is present for this watch. This is really a highly sophisticated device that also incorporates a really timeless appeal involved and also embedded in it. This watch also provides maximum durability with the help of the awesome analog/digital case designs that are present in this awesome watch.


This Casio g-shock GA-110RG- 1A really has a lot of great specifications and also necessary features. It has the complete presence of shock resistant and also magnetic resistant approach along with the immense 200m water resistance capability in it. On top of that, it also incorporates the complete usage of 1/1000 second stopwatch and timer for maximum accuracy and performance.

Casio g-shock GA-110RG- 1A good sport watch

Overall specifications of Casio g-shock GA-110RG- 1A

  • A round dial is complemented with the complete mineral window type material that has been used in the dial. The display type used in this watch is not only analog but also digital at the same time.
  • A complete buckle clasp as well as resin material has been used in this watch for greater maneuverability and also proper approach and design with wear ability.
  • A case thickness of 50 millimeters and also a case diameter of 14 mm have been noticed in this G-Shock watch.
  • Both the band and the dial color is completely black with the usage of a rose gold rim that is really a specific and a rare design in this watch.

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One can never really go wrong when he or she is on the verge of purchasing a Casio g-shock GA-110RG- 1A. This is a watch that really has each and every detail you need for your complete run-of-the-mill purposes as well special retrograde functions. This watch is really a boon for all of the people who are really engaged in regular and also frequent travelling all around the world.

With the help of this watch, a complete accuracy is always ensured no matter what. Changing all of the various time zones along with the various date and time changes are all really quite easy and comfortable. In case, a user is a bit disturbed and flabbergasted with the usage, an easy pdf can be downloaded for further reference.


There are only just a few things that could have been changed with this Casio g-shock GA-110RG- 1A, each more trivial than the other. The copper hands of this watch can sometimes blend in with the background light.

This makes deciphering the time a bit difficult than necessary. The LED that has been provided with the watch is not at all really great and it becomes almost impossible to read the digital part at night.

awesome finesse of the Casio g-shock GA-110RG- 1A

Casio g-shock GA-110RG- 1A



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