Review Seiko PRESAGE SRPB41J1 Cocktail Time Automatic

Seiko PRESAGE SRPB41J1 Cocktail Automatic vintage watch

Seiko Presage SRPB41J1 Cocktail Time Automatic Watch

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This is New Seiko Presage SRPB41J1 “Cocktail Time” Series Blue Gradation Dial Stainless Steel Watch.

I hope it would not be too late to write a review of this watch. I see the news announcing the launch of these watches, from many sites for several months. Of course, it’s an interesting watch and I have to wait for people to comment on it. And today, everything has been cultivated as well. It’s time I got a review of this watch.

The new Seiko Presage SRPB41J1 Cocktail Time that I will bring a review. It is the only watch that comes with stainless steel straps. Other watches in the same model will come with leather straps (SRPB43, SRPB44, SRPB46). Seiko Presage SRPB41J1 has blue gradation dial when I first saw it, it made me think of a full moon party on the beach. It is truly a designer achievement. It looks classic but elegant, very stylish. It is called the Blue Moon. In this series, designers will name the watches they design such as ‘Sky Diving’ for SRPB43 ice blue dial, the ‘Margarita’ for the SRPB44 champagne-gold model, the ‘Manhattan’ for SRPB46 brown gradation dial.

Seiko Presage SRPB41J1

The Blue Moon Seiko Presage SRPB41J1 Cocktail has a sharp and beautiful Textured Dial. The sunray dials all have a deep, pressed pattern whose shimmering beauty is enhanced by seven layers of gloss finish and the clarity of the box-shaped crystals. The hands are delicately curved by skilled craftsmen and women to give the watch case a slimmer profile.


  • Made In Japan
  • Stainless Steel Case
  • Stainless steel Band
  • Automatic Movement
  • Magnetic resistance 4,800 A/m
  • Caliber: Cal. 4R35 Movement; 23 Jewels
  • 21,600 vibrations per hour
  • Box-shaped Hardlex crystal
  • Textured Dial
  • Power Reserve: 41 hours
  • Date Display
  • See Through Case Back
  • 50M Water Resistance

Approximate Case Diameter: 40.5mm
Approximate Case Thickness: 14.5mm

Seiko_Presage Cocktail Time

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Performance of Seiko PRESAGE SRPB41J1 Cocktail Automatic Watch.

The 4R35 is that it’s a reliable and accurate movement.

This Seiko Presage SRPB41J1 watch is priced around $470, under Caliber: Cal. 4R35 Movement; I do not doubt that many people see it as expensive compared to the 6r15 movement in the SARB065 or more. Of course, for fans of the Seiko may not be happy. For me, I would like to explain to you the Seiko monster 1st gen that used the old 7s26 caliber, it is one of the most popular collection watches. If you are one of the Seiko fans, you know that the price of it is not cheap.

It may not be reasonable if you have to pay expensive but not worth it. I find it always when I want a watch that’s worth it, but it’s too expensive such as Notebook, camera or TV. I usually solve the problem by paying what I want and can afford it. Of course, it must be beautiful, showing my identity.

For Seiko PRESAGE Cocktail Time Series, It’s like I mentioned above. Cal. 4R35 Movement may not be good enough when compared to 6r15 movement, Of course not, when I use it for about 2 months. I can not find the problem, it’s the rate varies between 0 and +12 second. With 6R15 in the SARB065, the difference in rate using the same position is up to 2 seconds. It is something I can accept for an automatic watch.

A lot of people argue about these calibers. The 6r15 has the better mainspring, barrel and adjustment lever which give it longer power reserve and better accuracy. So You are serious about this, I recommend you look at SARB065 or 3rd gen Monster or more.

Why are Hardlex Crystal and 100 meter water-resistant?

I was very surprised with the Hardlex Crystal and 50 meter water resistant. Why are they not sapphire glass and 100 meter waterpoof? You may be surprised why I’m serious about Hardlex Crystal more than about cal. I’m serious about scratches on the dial for $ 400 up and serious about Water resistance 5 Bar.

It’s funny that I seriously thought it was not worth it. Of course, I’m not crazy enough to wear it to dive. Seiko Prospex SBDC023, it also has Hardlex Crystal as well. For Seiko, I should stop thinking about them.


  • Luxurious and Contemporary design.
  • Automatic Movement/ Hand-winding
  • 41 hours Power Reserve
  • Made In Japan
  • you can “Hack” it to the second.


  • The crown looks too big.
  • Maybe too expensive for 4R35.
  • No sapphire glass
  • Maybe thick and big for some people.

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Conclusion for Seiko Presage SRPB41J1 Cocktail vintage watch.

This Seiko Presage SRPB41J1 is one of the collections of Cocktail models, which offers a wide range of colors. This watch for me, it is a watch that anyone can afford. Although there is a drama about calibers. If you want value and serious about this, I advise you to look SARB065. Or you can buy SARY073 the BASIC LINE Which has the same design and cheaper.

For me, I have no problem with 4R35, the old of Cocktail watches also utilizes the 4R35 caliber like SARY075, The most common problem is accuracy. According to Seiko’s website, the accuracy spec of the 4R35 movement is +45 sec ~ -35 sec per day. For my Seiko Presage SRPB41J1 watch is performing at +5 sec per day. If you accept this precision, you do not have to be serious.

Choosing a watch, in addition to having to consider other features, a pleasant design for you is something that should be considered. I think the Seiko Presage SRPB41J1 vintage cocktail watch has all the features mentioned above.

Seiko Presage SRPB41J1 Review