Review: New Seiko SBDC025 PROSPEX Black Monster Diver Mechanical Automatic JDM.

3rd Generation Model Seiko SBDC025 PROSPEX Black Monster Movement 6R15.

Reveiw Seiko SBDC025 PROSPEX Black Monster

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Seiko SBDC025 PROSPEX Black Monster 3rd generation model  has been updated to differ from past SRP Monster generations. In my opinion, it is a combination of the first Monster generation, and Seiko sumo. That is, it has to face designs; they do not come with a shark tooth. Also changed Movement as 6R15 as Sumo. So it was a pleasant man who does not like the Fang monster and need 6R15 movements.

Seiko SKX779 Black Monster 1st Gen.

Someone needs the Cyclops on Monster gen 2, and now for New PROSPEX Monster has Cyclops already. However, it is still a debate about personal taste. But if you ask me what I think about the Cyclops eye on this Seiko SBDC025 PROSPEX black Monster, I think that I think it makes me feel that it was for the grandfather watch; look like Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer II in 1971. It’s a classic design, which I did not like it. So I like the day/date on Fang Monster better. I feel that Seiko is playing with people’s feelings.

If you find out about this watch before, you probably know the difference between Seiko SBDC025 PROSPEX watch with Fang monster such as the silver on hour and the minute’s hand, dome dial or the PROSPEX letter on dial. If someone has to modify it as change the dial, You can notice that the date display is different between Seiko SKX779 and Seiko SBDC025.

Seiko SBDC025 PROSPEX Monster review

Seiko SBDC025 Mods; change flat Sapphire glass no cyclops and second hand from Sumo.

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• SBDC025 (Made in Japan)
• Movement: 6R15 23J Automatic Hack function & Hand winding
• Crystal: Hardlex
• Lumi Bright: hands and markers
• Accuracy: +25/-15 sec per day
• Waterproof: 200 m water resistance for divers
• Anti-magnetic: Available
• Power reserve: 50 hours
• Diameter: 42.3 mm (without the crown)
• Thickness: 13.1 mm Max wrist size: 20cm(7.8inch)
• Crown: Screw-down crown

It's ture PROSPEX black Monster

This watch is the Fang Monster, why its has PROSPEX logo on these.

Fang monster and PROSPEX logo

I think many people would get confused and do not understand. Me too, and I think it is a mistake to produce while many people say that it is 2.5 versions. It is possible?

What is better between the 4r36 movements that are more accurate also compared to the caliber 7S26 used in the first Monster and the 6r15 movement. For me, they are equally effective, my 4r36 on Fang Monster usually accurate to less than +/- 2 or 4 seconds per day while the 6r15 on New Monster Seiko SBDC025 accurate less than +/- 5 seconds per day which it is acceptable to me. Some people may be more than me. For accuracy, I let it pass.

I still do not understand that the watch does not come with a Sapphire, Priced at around $ 400 But without this feature. I think it is not worth the price if compare with Seiko SARB035 Mechanical that I’ll just review. If you are serious about the budget or value, I suggest you buy a Fang monster and the remaining money to replace Sapphire glass. If you like the design of it, you buy Seiko SBDC025 PROSPEX Monster as a good idea.

Seiko SBDC025 PROSPEX Black Monster Lume

Lumi Bright Seiko’s never let me down. It is still a good performance, since the first version to current version.

• JDM watch.
• Good design.
• Good movement 6r15
• Power reserve of appox. 50 hours; it still works great about 2 days.
• Elegant, powerful but Expensive.
• No Sapphire.

Seiko SBDC023 PROSPEX Orange Monster
Seiko SBDC023 PROSPEX Orange Monster

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Seiko SBDC025 PROSPEX Black Monster Overall.

This New Seiko SBDC025 PROSPEX Monster, so anyway it has changed a lot in terms of design and movement, which I think they will use 4r36, many surprises. But this is a personal favorite or taste; I could not decide what is good or bad. If you have Seiko watches you know what I’m saying. That’s right; I can say that the performance of Seiko never let me down. For the Seiko SBDC025 PROSPEX Monster, I just can only say that it’s good and it’s expensive.

So anyway, If you are Seiko Monster fan-club and not like fang on the dial but need new movement as 6r15 this is the answer that is right for you. Seiko SBDC025 is the black dial; also the SBDC023 is orange dial.

New Seiko SBDC025 PROSPEX Monster

New Seiko SBDC025 PROSPEX Monster.