Casio G-Shock GA-400-1BJF Shock Resistant JAPAN IMPORT watch.

Casio G-Shock GA-400-1BJF Magnetic Resistant new great looking watch.

Casio G-Shock GA-400-1BJF review

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Casio G-Shock GA-400-1BJF: a well equipped smart watch. Casio G. Shock series have launched a new model by merging and coating parts which gives a look which is multi dimensional. This watch is available in basic black and white. There is also tri-colour combination for the box of the product, dial, band and hour markers. The design of all the watches is bold, bright and has all the conventional as well as unconventional features. Casio G-Shock GA- 400-1BJF is a cool and stylish watch designed to fulfill all the qualities of a smart watch well equipped with all the latest features. It is available in leading stores and online web portals.

Technical features of the watch

The following are the features of the watch:
• It is an imported product.
• It is able to combat magnet, shock and water up to 200 meters.
• The screen of the watch is made up of mineral glass.
• It has LED light which is selectable.
• It shows 31 time zones which includes 48 cities with coordinated time.
• It has an option of daylight saying
• It includes button operation tone which you can switch on and off.
• It portrays digital as well as analog type of clock. The analog type of clock has 2 hands which move in every 20 seconds. The digital type of clock portrays hour, minute, seconds, pm/am, month, day and date.
• The battery life of this watch is 3 years.

Casio G-Shock GA-400-1BJF lume

The advantages of Casio G-Shock GA-400-1BJF Watch.

The following are the advantages of this product:
• It protect the watch from all kinds of natural hazards as it is water, shock and magnetic resistant as the glass is made up of mineral material.
• Its battery life stretches up to 3 years.
• It portrays accurate time in both analog and digital way.
• It has a countdown timer.
• It has selectable duration of illumination which you can change according to your choice.
• It shows 31 time zone involving 48 cities including swapping your home time with world time according to your current location.


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The disadvantages of Casio G-Shock GA-400-1BJF watch

Casio G-Shock GA-400-1BJF the latest addition to the G- Shock has all the conventional as well as unconventional features but there is a slight problem which is the lightness/ brightness. The LED lightning is a bit of a problem especially during night. But this issue can be neglected as it is totally on the user to control the brightness level of this device. If you are having any problem then you can select the levels according to your choice. The other feature of this watch makes it an ideal choice for men of all ages so this little issue can be neglected.

Casio G-Shock GA-400-1BJF New review

A new well equipped watch fulfilling the ideals of Casio G-Shock GA-400-1BJF watches.

This model is from the Casio G- Shock series and has fulfilled the criteria of being a product being able to resist magnetic, water and natural hazards. This watch is a bold choice and is able to perform varied functions which make it a smart choice. Casio G-Shock GA-400-1BJF watch is a new age watch and is highly recommended if you are looking for traditional as well as modern features.

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Casio G Shock GA-400-1BJF


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