Review Seiko SNA695 Chronograph Stainless steel Watch

Why you should go for the Seiko SNA695 watch?


Seiko SNA695 Review

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Warranty: Seiko Three-Year-Warranty.

The Seiko SNA695 from Seiko includes stylish, well-crafted timepieces that are rather popular with watch lovers. Appearing at the quality of these scouts, they are affordable and offer serious value for money.

Features of Seiko SNA695.

The Seiko SNA695 has been created as a stylish sports watch, but goes perfectly well with formal wear. Although the watch case is of stainless steel giving it a sturdy look, the stylish design makes it really attractive. The Tachymeter adds to its sleek looks. The thick markers like the hour and minute hands in white is clearly visible on the black dial. The hand for second is yellow colored, matching the yellow stitching along the black leather watch strap, adding a tinge of class to the overall feel of the sentinel.

In that respect are three smaller dials within the expression of the Seiko SNA695 Watch. One dial shows the alarm setting, another shows the minutes while the third is four minutes. The quartz analog movement ensures a smooth functioning of the hands, giving the effect of a high quality watch.

Seiko SNA695 does not provide a set of characteristics, but does cause a date display on the primary face and is water resistant up to 100 Ms. The Chronograph Watch provides the requirements that you would look for, enclosed in an stylish and posh design.

For the digital chronograph watches, the edges are in fact sporty in nature. They will typically have different buttons located along the side of the display. The buttons are made for altering between different styles. In that respect are different parts available in the watches like using it as stop clock or as an alarm clock and more. All these parts can be utilized by pressing the buttons.

The Seiko SNA695 is a light timepiece for its quartz movement. Initially, the product appears to be a clumsy with so many digits and dials printed on it. Nevertheless, the white markers spread with green colored digits clearly visible on the black dial of the night watch.The leather strap also has matching needlework in the same green shade, matching the sporty style of this Sportura Chronograph.

Seiko SNA695 watch

Why people should go for Seiko SNA695?

Overall, the Seiko automatic watches, Alarm, Chronograph Watch Seiko SNA695 exudes a sporty look that will be valued by the adventuresome type. It is an affordable watch that is practical, durable, offers useful features and looks big as well.

• Imported parts.
• Strong crystal shields the dial from the scrapes.
• Authentic Japanese-quartz movement
• Case diameter is 39.5 mm
• Stainless steel case.
• Date function.
• Blue dial.
• Water resistant up to 100 Meters.
• Chronograph functions
• Kinetic Auto Relay
• Suitable for snorkeling, as well as swimming
• Inevitably sets the correct time.
• Kinetic Perpetual
• Comes with the date perfect technology of a permanent calendar with the virtuosity of Kinetic Auto Relay.

Seiko SNA695 Blue dial

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• It can’t be used for diving purpose.

The Seiko SNA695 watches are generally made obtainable in the form of costly high end timepieces and hence, they may not be affordable for all. Still, it’s an outstanding product for the users and they have rated it with four stars in the online booking websites.